The pre-construction phase is much more than providing cost budgets and estimates.  Detailed schedules are developed, cost-saving value engineering options are outlined, phasing plans are established, and documents are reviewed to ensure constructability.  O’Neil Building Corporation facilitates and provides coordination throughout the pre-construction process.


O’Neil Building Corporation is uniquely qualified to assist our clients.  From the simple idea of a Construction project, to the final letter of occupancy, our vast industry experience allows us to meet each clients’ needs at every phase.

We provide Services which include Site Selection, Design, Pre-Construction, Construction, and Construction Management.  No matter what your construction project requirements are, O’Neil Building Corporation employs knowledgeable and experienced industry leaders to get you that desired result.


As a Construction Manager, O’Neil Building Corporation offers its’ clients a service that goes above and beyond expectations.  Our focus encompasses the Planning, Design, and Project Construction from inception to completion.  This allows us the ability to control schedules, cost, and quality.  O’Neil Building Corporation has the processes in place to continually closely monitor every detail of our client’s Construction project.  We truly are industry experts who work alongside Architects and Engineers on behalf of our clients.


When the most advantageous delivery method is deemed to be Design-Build, O’Neil Building Corporation is prepared to deliver.  With established relationships with numerous architectural firms, we are able to determine which and partner with the best architect for each type of project.